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7th Grade Earth/Space Science Links




Earth Science Unit 1: Introduction to Earth Science

Mass Volume & Density

All About S.I. Units

Universal Unit Conversion Table

Earth's Spheres

Layers of the Earth



Earth Science Unit 2: Earth's Resources

Elements & Symbols


The Rock Cycle

Photographic Fossil Index

The Geologic Time Scale



Earth Science Unit 3: The Restless Earth

The Four Basic Types of Faults

USGS Earthquake Hazards Page

USGS Volcano Observatory

Virtual Volcano

Plate Tectonics and Climate




Earth Science Unit 4: Reshaping the Land

Shoreline Weathering

Wave Erosion

The Interactive Earth



Earth Science Unit 5: Oceanography

The Water Cycle

Ocean Field Trip

Ocean Exploration

Ocean Quest



Earth Science Unit 6: Weather and Climate

Atmosphere Simulator

All About Ozone

Weather for Kids

Weather Myths

NOAA Home Page



Earth Science Unit 7: Astronomy

The Eight  Planet Solar System Tour

Way Out! Cosmic Trivia Game

Hubble Space Telescope Archives

Journey to a Black Hole

Views of the Solar System




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