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Welcome to Mr. Fisher's Web Site


Welcome to my Web site!               Hit Counter

 This web page serves as an introduction to myself as well as a resource for my students. Homework assignments, special projects, and classroom rules are posted and updated daily so that no student falls behind in their class work due to absence or forgetfulness. Please take a few moments to look around and familiarize yourself with this site as it will become an important resource for your continued success in my science classroom.



Physical Science On-Line Textbook


Vocabulary Flash Cards

Updated daily for your science success!

Please note that all dates are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor and the needs of each class!

Assignments For 8th Grade Physical Science

For The Week Beginning 8/21/17 And Ending 8/25/17:


Pa. Standard (s):



Pa. Standard (s):



Pa. Standard (s):



Pa. Standard (s):



Pa. Standard (s):






Mr. Fisherís Classroom Rules

1.    Learning is a participation sport. All students are expected to participate fully in all classroom activities.

2.    The only ďdumbĒ question is the one left unasked. Donít be afraid to answer, you wonít be made fun of, I wonít permit it!

3.    Learning should be fun. If youíre not having fun, let me know, Iíll try harder tomorrow and so should you.

4.    Courtesy and Respect are the most important things that you can learn in school. They will take you a long way in my class and help you out for the rest of your life.

5.    Preparation is a key to success. All students are expected to arrive in class on time with textbooks, notebooks and  two pencils and a black pen to write with. You should also be prepared to go outside on any given day...that's where the science is!

6.    A grade is something earned by a student, NOT something given by a teacher. Remember: No Name means No Credit!!!

7. Make - up work is your responsibility. If you have missed class, there are THREE places to find out what occurred in class. You need to make the arrangements!

8.    Remember, rules are a framework for our success as a class!

9. Any misbehavior in class will NOT be tolerated.

10. Demerits for classroom violations will be assessed as follows:

    1 Demerit = no participation points lost

    2 Demerits = - 5 points

    3 Demerits = - 10 points & 1/2 teacher assigned detention.

    4 Demerits  = - 20 points & 1 teacher assigned detention.

    5 Demerits = - 40 points & 1 day R.R.

    6 Demerits = loss of all 50 participation points and 3 days R.R.













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